How Could Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly’ Update Affect Tablet-Search?

Here’s a snippet from a post which I wrote for iCrossing’s “Connect” Blog:

Recently the Webmaster Central blog stated that on April 21st, Google will be expanding its use of ‘mobile friendliness‘ as a ranking signal. Google have directed webmasters to their Mobile Friendly Test tool and many have also been using PageSpeed Insights to drill down further into how their site might perform on a slower mobile-network connection (when compared with fibreoptic cable, etc).

Some people have been asking whether mobile friendly signals and site speed will also be important for Google’s tablet results. Information on Google’s tablet-specific results format (when set against mobile or desktop) seems to have arisen in 2011, first on Search Engine Land…

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iCrossing Connect Blog Re-Post: Will ‘Mobile Friendly’ Affect Tablet Search Results?