So Who Are You and What Type of SEO Services do you Sell?

Hi there,

If you have landed on this web-page, it means you have likely followed a referral or flowed through to my site from one of my PPC ads. Other than these channels, this page is relatively unadvertised. You are free to use the menu or banner image button to reach and explore the rest of this site, which outlines my qualifications and serves as my ‘Online CV’.

The way I work is very specific.

Large Scale Rankings, Pivoted SEO Visibility Audits & Keyword Research

I produce large scale ranking audits (typically 300 to 10,000 keywords across 10 websites in scope) and pivot the data into beautiful organic visibility bar graphs using Google rankings, Google avg. CTR data and Google search volumes. My visibility metric gives a better idea of which keyword groups you are winning / struggling in vs your competitors (as static ranking data can be very misleading). I can show you examples of this deliverable, the data is very actionable and includes competitor’s ranking URLs so that you can compare and thematically replicate (not clone! Don’t forget Google Panda) their content.

Often keywords for these large-scale, in-depth reports are taken from you existing AdWords campaign (if you have one), Keyword Researcher Pro, Google’s Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Google Webmaster Tools (now re-branded Search Console) and my own ‘master’ keyword concatenation formulae.

Comprehensive, Competent Technical SEO Audits

After this, I crawl your website using industry-standard software such as Screaming Frog to uncover any technical errors with your website. I also dive into the site’s code to look for any pattern-based architectural issues manually, something many don’t bother with these days (blasted corner cutters!)

So much other data is included in this audit such as your PageSpeed Insight scores, Mobile Friendly status, security issues (which may go well beyond simple HTTPS detection) and more. This deliverable will be provided to you as a PowerPoint presentation, the ‘working’ (in spreadsheet format) will also be appended for your study and review.

An optional module which you may wish to include can provide a heat-map of content duplication across your website. I created this deliverable known as a Content Duplication Matrix. I custom build an XPath based data-scraper specifically for your website which harvests only the content which Google Panda would analyse for uniqueness (so: excluding your footer, excluding your nav-bar etc).

All URLs and their content are loaded into a giant grid and Boolean string similarity us used to determine the very percentage of similarity between any two URLs content. The grid is then conditionally formatted to show a heat-map of content duplication across your website. Don’t wonder how duplicate a mathematical algorithm might consider your site’s content to be – KNOW. 400 URLs maximum will be compared, due to the extreme processing requirements of running Boolean string similarity across 160,000 (400×400) cells.

Backlink & Competitor Analysis

Finally: I will analyse your website’s back-links using Google Search Console, Majestic SEO (paid version), WebMeUp Backlink Explorer, URL Profiler and I will re-scan all the de-duped links which I find to make sure they are all still live and then I will analyse your backlink profile for potentially negative links or Google penalty-inducing behaviour, so that you can take action against such things before it’s too late.

I do not engage in spammy, cold-emailing or ‘backlink’ building practices. I am happy to analyse your (or your competitors’) back-links, to help you find their best performing content and organic SEO content campaigns, so that you might stand a chance of competing.

SEO is part art and part science: I do not make spurious promises in terms of how much increase you may see in terms of traffic, revenue or profitability. If you push me I can provide mostly accurate estimates, but they are only estimates and must be treated as such. If someone else promises that they can build you a million links a day and that you’ll double your profitability in 3 months – fine, go with those guys. See where it gets you!

I’m here to provide a technical, analytical service for you. I’m here to oil your finely tuned engine. Just as Mitsubishi beat Subaru by making weight reductions, until their vehicle made the track a fraction of a second faster – so I am here to give you an edge. I am not here to be over-pressured or to save the Titanic from sinking (sorry – SEO can’t do that alone, if someone has told you this – you have been lied to).


My Preferred Methods of Contact:

  • Skype: Search the Skype dictionary for – “studiumcirclus”, easiest to do from a desktop machine or Mac
  • Email: or, either will reach me quickly (usually within the hour)


When I Work & My Work Partners:

I only work at weekends as I’m also an extremely well paid, full-time Senior Technical SEO Consultant working at TopClick Media. I am happy with my job there and am not looking to be head-hunted, sorry!

If I’m too busy to take on your work, I have a hand-picked network of SEO professionals and colleagues whom I met working at my previous job placements (I know them all face-to-face, and trust in their abilities). These people are data-led, analytically inclined friends whom I would stake my reputation on and complete their work for you manually myself (should you find their output unsatisfactory, which you won’t).

I have profiles on sites like UpWork and People Per Hour but rarely ever take work on there, due to the low-brow clientele and relatively unskilled community which those sites attract. I would consider myself partially associated with those websites (I grimace as I write this) but I much prefer to form real, unbound connections and professional relationships. I prefer working like this.

If you wish to have a Skype call (up to an hour) discussing the work I have produced for you, it will take place on a weekend when I am free and will be supplied to you entirely free of charge.


My Rates:

  • £25 GBP per hour
  • $30 USD per hour

Depending on which audits and pieces you want created – and how many insights you want, you’re typically looking at between £120 and £450 to work with me.

Payment to myself may be processed via PayPal or bank transfer, your invoice will contain details for payment.

Thanks for your time – let’s do some great work together.